Workshop: Stop Self-Sabotaging Your Weight, Eating Habits & Body!



In this experiential 2 hour workshop, you will learn and walk away with tools to practice! 

The 4 different types of stresses and which one to really watch for…if you want to STOP self-sabotaging your weight, eating habits & body.

›The most surprising cause of weight gain and what to do to BOOST your ability burn fat –HINT: It’s NOT about the food, exercise or pills!

›How your mindset & environment affects your eating habits, weight & body.

You will learn cutting edge knowledge to develop a healthier mindset when it comes to food, your body and how you speak to yourself!

Thursday, Nov 10 from 7-9pm

Go here to register!

See you there!!!

Rosalyn is a Self-Love Transformational Coach and Registered Psychologist, specializing in empowering  people in their relationship with food, body, body image, weightloss and weight management, and positive self-talk!

She’s the go-to person to help you feel freedom with food, body love confidence and being your own best friend!


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