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 I am passionate about impacting more people at once in regards to facilitating them to optimize their health emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. This is why I love running powerful workshops and groups! ~ Rosalyn

 My Mission is to Inspire, Empower & Connect myself and others to live from an expansive place of deep, unconditional self-love, joy and wholeness. 

Upcoming Group! 



Are you struggling with:

  • Confidence, Self-Esteem, & Self-Worth?
  • Your Body Image or Self-Image?
  • Putting yourself first (aka Self-Care)?
  • Emotional Eating?
  • Diet- binge- over exercise & repeat cycle?
  • Your Relationship with money?

Then this soul-fulfilling 4 week online Group Coaching Course is for you! PLUS a Live 2 Day Event!

HHW 1 (2)

Click here for details and registration


I’m expanding online and am now offering my Holistic Body Love Food & Body Image Transformation Program! Check out details here! 


May 9, 2015

ellevate logo

 Ellevate: A Fun(draiser) Activity Day for Females of All Ages. All proceeds go to supporting young mothers to pursue further education. See details here.

May 3- June 28, 2015


 Women’s 8-Week Group: 

“Transform and Deepen Your Relationship with Food and your Body” 

manpushupMen’s 8-Week Course: 

Roadmap to Weight Loss & Taking Control of Your Health


Upcoming Workshops


April 18, 2015: Roadmap to Weight Loss without Dieting


April 23, 2015: Weight Loss: Balancing Blood Sugar & Curb Cravings

DEC 13 2014 WORKSHOP: Empower Yourself to Stop the Holiday “Binge and Diet” Trap

top-bad-eating-habits-largeDo you find yourself getting anxious or stressed about food and weight as the holidays approach?

Do you have a hard time controlling yourself at work and/or personal environments as they fill up with Christmas “goodies”?

Are you sick and tired of putting yourself on a diet because you overate and/or gained weight over the holidays?

Please view details about the event here.


Oct 2014 Group: Transform and Deepen Your Relationship with Food and Your Body – An 8 week Body Image Group Therapy Program

freeYou’ll learn powerful tools and techniques from the field of Dynamic Eating Psychology, and Mind Body Nutrition, in combination with  bodymapping method, to end your inner struggle or deepen your (already healthy) relationship with food, body image and weight.


SEPT 28, 2014



Click here for details!


SEPT 28 & 29, 2013

Lou Tour - Revitalize Hand Mel Meeting (Read-Only)I am SOooooOOOOOooo ecstatic to announce that I will be living out one of my dreams and purposes this coming September! I will be one of the speakers at Central Alberta’s Greatest Health Conference called Revitalize!!! Joining me is my friend and Acupuncturist, Genevieve Boyer! Together, we will be speaking about the impact of Stress on Nutrition and Metabolism. We are honored to be amongst some amazing and great gurus in the health field, such as Chad Sorno (Celebrity raw food chef for top selling cookbook Crazy, Sexy Kitchen), Mary Tocco (researcher in field of vaccinations), and Lou Corona (4 Principles of Vibrant Health), to name a few! I can’t wait to learn from them!!! There will also be a raw food banquet Saturday evening – yum yum! For further details, click on the left poster above and/or check out the Avena Originals page Use code: Aspirations for  $10.00 discount off your ticket to Revitalize, valid until Aug 31, 2013! Hope to see you there!!!!

June 8, 2013

HFC screening 2013Myself and Edmonton Acupuncturist, Genevieve Boyer, are proudly presenting and promoting a Free Screening of the powerful health documentary Hungry for Change! We will also be providing an educational talk from a Holistic Nutritional Psychology and Traditional Oriental Medicine perspective on health, fitness and nutrition!

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