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February 2018

Mind Blowing Energy & You with host and energy worker Lynn Profitt. She helps you bring the woo-woo to everyday life.
In this episode:
*The powerful, transformative method that changed my own limiting beliefs of “not feeling enough” to knowing I am enough.
*How I work with my clients to create life changing transformations.
*My fears that arose when I Transitioned from one career to another
*How Aromatherpy can help you shift limiting beliefs

Listen here

October 2017

CBC Radio – My Power of Gratitude Interview with host Mark Connolly: Listen here

September 2017

Exploring Mind & Body Podcast with Drew Taddia: Relatonship with Food & Money – Listen here 

May 2017

Exploring Mind & Body Podcast with Drew Taddia: Body Image – Listen here

Youtube  Interview for Naturally Beautiful & Optimal Wellness Summit – View here

April 2017

Womanition Bizbrigade – How to Achieve an Empowered Entrepreneur Mindset (talk)

January 2017

Self-Love Tips on Dinner Televion – 7 sements filled with ways to learn how to cope with anxiety, stress, depression; and ways to start body love confidence

December 2016

On the cover of Gorgo Women’s Fitness Magazine

May 2016

Yegfitness Article on print and online

January 2016

PODCAST #1) I was a guest on Avena Originals’ Podcast speaking on the topic of Emotional Eating. Do you ever consider the mental state you are in when you eat? It might have a bigger impact on your digestion than what you think it does! Explore Holistic Nutritional Psychology with Rosalyn Fung & Host Kameron Tarry. Click here to listen!

PODCAST #2) I was a guest speaker on InBodyPod with Host Adrienne Olsen, where she interviewed me about Healing Your Relationship with Food & Your Body. Listen Here!

October 2015

Avena Original Newsletter Oct-Dec 2015 Issue 

Feature Article and Bio: “How Society Makes Exercise a Punishment for Eating, and Why We Need This to Stop!” p.20-21.

September 2015

Wellness Alberta Magazine

Feature Article: “Holistic Body Love- Learning how to Have a Healthy Relationship with Yourself”

April 2015

Breakfast Television Edmonton: 5 Tips on Having a Healthier Relationship with Food.

Click here to  watch

March 2015

Breakfast Television Edmonton interview. Click here to watch!

October 2014

Interview with Worker’s Compensation Board’s online magazine Back Active. Click here for the read!

November 2013

Guest speaker on “Health First” Radio Talk Show. Click here to listen!

October 2013

Huffington Post: My Not So Typical Fitness Journey

July-Sept 2013

Article: The Impact of Stress on Nutrition and Metabolism

Avena Originals Summer Edition Newsletter (will need to download PDF)

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