Are you a Victim or are you Empowered?

Do you go around blaming yourself or blaming other people and complain for things that happen? Do you see life is happening TO you? Do you often think, “I will do that when…I can afford it/ I lose the weight/ I have the confidence”. Do you think that life would be better if only person … Continue reading

Mindset for a Kick-Ass Life Workshop

Whoohoo! I am offering a 1 day workshop called Mindset for A Kick Ass Life! This personal and professional development course will be covering: Tackling Your Inner-Critic: How to tackle self-doubt, not feeling good enough, perfectionism, fears, etc. Goal setting with Self-Love Mindset incorporated The Psychology of Eating Basics 101 Basics of building a healthy … Continue reading

My Interview with Shonda Holt of Nourishing Everyday

My Interview with Shonda Holt of Nourishing Everyday

Whooohoo!  I had the privilege to be interviewed by Holistic Nutritionist Clinical Practitioner, who also has a Registered Nurse background of over 20 years, and my friend, Shonda Holt of Nourishing Everyday. She has a goal of doing 1000 interviews. I had the honor and opportunity of being interviewed by her for her View of Hope Interviews.  In … Continue reading