Calling all Moms & Women: Join me in the Sexy Black Dress Challenge

Sexy is not about truly about what you look on the outside…it starts with how you feel on this INSIDE. 
 I’m all about embracing SEXY from a place of SELF-LOVE and SELF-WORTH. It’s about your mindset. 
When you feel sexy on the inside, you start to also show up in a way that is alignment of that sexy energy. 
Sexuality is about the ENERGY you hold, it can stand on it’s own WITHOUT engaging in sexual acts. These are NOT the same.   Nor is sexy dressing skimpy and being half naked, like what our society would define as sexy. No, no, no…this is NOT what I’m talking about.
Think about it this way: There are people who do not fit what our society would see as physically “attractive”, yet they ooze a lot of magnetizing energy. And then there are some people who our society would see as physically “attractive” and they lack this magnetizing energy. Why? 
Because it’s all about the energy you hold- confidence, self-worth, happiness, joy, vibrant energy, grounded, reflective, present, charismatic, passionate, humble, humility, generous, kind, nurturing, connective….they SHOW UP in a way that vibrates peace, happy and freedom. This only can come from inside out. You cannot fake sexy. 
So with this knowledge, when I say Sexy, I mean it about how you SHOW UP in the world as attractive (whatever that means to you). Sexy is subjective and this is all about being in alignment of what sexy is to you! 
I know some of you may be feeling resistant to the word Sexy because it may bring up negative beliefs, memories and stuff for you- especially if you have issues with being attractive and getting attention, particularly from men. 
If this is you, I invite you to REFRAME, REDEFINE, RECLAIM your right to be sexy – and I’m happy to support you 1 on 1 if stuff comes up for you as you go through this challenge. In the meantime, I believe this challenge can help you RECLAIM and RECREATE that SEXY IS part of BEING EMPOWERED.
SoooOoooooo…..Are you ready to take a challenge to get the mindset and sexy body plan to fit in that Sexy Black Dress?
Can you allow yourself to slip into that Sexy Black Dress right now?
Imagine if you had a sexy body plan to help you release unwanted weight, increase your energy, so that you can be more present and show up in the best version of you!
My friend and colleague, Kimberly has the solution for you! Description: C:\Users\Kimberly & Shannon\Pictures\WEDDING PICTURES\Professional Photo 2.jpg    
Join the 7 Day Challenge Now where she will show you how to turn the tables and ditch the diet mentality.



Here’s the FOCUS!

Learn How to Jump Start Your Sexy Body Plan.

What you’ll get from this Free 7-Day Challenge:

1. A 24-page e-guide loaded with tips to help you get your body back!

2. Delicious, easy to prepare recipes you’ll love to eat!

3. A detailed shopping list to save you tons of time at the store

4. A 7-day suggested meal guide for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so you don’t have to wonder what
to eat to get the results you want

5. Tips on how to be sexy and confident

6. An online community of ladies waiting to rock this 7-day challenge with you!

7. Prizes & Giveaways each day! One lucky lady will win a 12 month group coaching package with a retreat to Sedona in May 2018

Join The Challenge Now look and feel fabulous, even if you are juggling work and home life non-stop, live the crazy life of a hard-working woman or mommy, have endless to-do list, and haven’t been on top of your eating habits forever.

I’m honoured to be invited to be part of this challenge as one of the guest coaches to help you get your Sexy Self On!





YES! I want my Sexy Back!

In Abundant Self-Love & Joy,

Rosalyn Fung, M.Sc.
Self-Love Coaching for Women and Entrepreneurs

Offering Personal Development & Business Development



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