Is There Such Thing as a Healthy Relationship with a Scale?

This is a question that has been asked a couple times amongst my Holistic Body Love Tribe, and there’s been some great wisdom and insight from members.

The Scale.

Oh, this dreaded machine that can dictate how we feel from one day to the next.

This cold, lifeless piece of metal that somehow determines the worth of so many young girls, boys and adults in this world.

This piece of appliance that we are either so obsessed with or so fearful of that we stay away from it as far as possible.


So is there such thing as a having a healthy relationship with the scale, if it creates such havoc and emotional turmoil for so many of us?

The short answer is YES.

Yes, you can indeed have a healthy relationship with your scale…


if you struggle with and/or fear the scale, it requires a lot of deep, introspective, inside work to get to a place where you experience a healthy relationship with it.

So what would a healthy relationship with a scale look like?

You would understand that:

A number is just a number. It does not determine your worth and value as a person.

A number does not tell you your body composition breakdown. Two people can weigh the same, however, one person may have more lean muscle mass, while the other person is “skinny fat” (i.e., looks skinny, however their body fat is much higher than lean muscle mass).

Just check this out!


As you can see, the same weight of muscle takes up less space than the same weight of fat.

Here’s how the same weight looks on different women:


You would weigh yourself occasionally just as a check-in point as a LAST RESORT to base your health and fitness goals on. What are primarily more important is your inside health such as energy levels, digestion, mental clarity, stabilized mood, balanced hormones. Outside cues would be body measurements and how your clothes fit.

KEY: You are not emotionally affected by the number on the scale. Whatever the number is on the scale, it does not dictate or change your mood. Instead, it helps you understand what you may need to tweak in your life (For example, adjust nutritional needs, exercise needs (either increase or decrease), increase stress management tools, check your digestive health, etc.)

I personally do not care to weigh myself, and when I do consciously choose to weigh myself, it is because I’m curious to start experimenting with a new fitness routine, playing with my relationship with food, or incorporating a new aspect into my lifestyle – and I want to see how this may affect my overall health, including my weight.

There is no wrong or right way to have a healthy relationship with the scale, however I would say in general, it would be no more than once a week. If it’s anything more (unless you’re in bodybuilding competitions or sports related to weighing yourself – and even then, that can be dangerous), I would invite you to ask yourself why you feel you need to be weighing yourself more than once a week. What is this truly about?

The most important thing to do is to NOT BE SO ATTACHED TO THE NUMBER ON THE SCALE.

Be able to see the bigger, global picture of your health and fitness goals, focus on what is going well, tweak what may not be serving you, and keep going.

Where your attention goes, the energy flows.

So if you’re hyper focused on the number on the scale, guess what this will bring you? Frustration, mood swings, anxiety, rigidity, control, self-loathing, body hate and body shame.

If you’re focused on the positives such as increasing your energy levels, improving your gut health, balancing your hormones and blood sugar levels, sharpening your mental alertness, clarity, concentration, & memory, to name a few things. When it comes to building on your physical goals, focus on aspects such as strength, flexibility, agility, mobility. Focus on LOVING YOURSELF FIRST. This is what builds your character from the inside out. This is what builds your confidence.

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