Why This Photo is an Illusion


nature-3Ok,  I admit, I couldn’t help taking this half naked selfie while I was in Hawaii a week ago.


Well the truth is because I wanted to take a photo of my beautiful imperfect body, hoping to capture my cute, soft, round belly with the stretch marks on it & WITH my face (because I have a pet peeve of having heads being cut off from body photos)…Sidenote: Not that I do this often, but it was just a spur of the moment thing because I felt beautiful in my skin, and wanted to capture the moment, just because I actually love these parts of my body now. There was a time I didn’t, as you can read about here.

All my imperfections are part of my body’s story.

But I surprised myself when I went to go look at the photo because I looked LEAN! Well, at least leaner than I actually am in real life! And I look like I actually have definition in my torso. Whhhaaat? Because…I really don’t in real life, unless I flex ultra hard…then maybe you can see some lines of a slight 4 pack – but that’s just not fun because when I flex that hard, I feel like passing gas. 😉

This photo then made me think of all the selfie pics we see of people in our social media feeds  that they take of themselves from this angle, and how it creates such an illusion – and our eyes and minds are tricked into seeing something that IS NOT!

So guess what? Being the body positive advocate that I am, I decided to SHOW THE TRUTH of my gorgeous “imperfect” body, by having my best friend (who was in Maui with me), take the following photos:

wishing everyone a.jpg


season clearance.jpgAs you see here, this is what I TRULY look like – strong, curvey, softer and thicker in the torso than in the “illusion” photo…and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY BODY JUST AS IT IS!

I use to look like this:



YUP. That was me in 2008, when I did a Figure BodyBuilding Show. Probably about 30 lbs lighter and 4-5 pant sizes smaller.

I had my “then” dream body- and guess what?

I was MISERABLE, Hangry (hungry + anger), self-critical and an EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER!

Outside I appeared happy and confident. But secretly, inside, I was constantly anxious around food, gaining weight and fat, and my whole personal life was focused on extremes of fitness and rigid eating behaviours (then secretly binge eating). I actually would take hours in the change rooms when shopping, because I couldn’t decide which size of clothing to get- should I get the smaller size that JUST fits me so that it “motivates” me to stay lean, or should I go with the size that will give me some breathing room? Looking back now, I feel so sad for how much of my precious life energy was wasted.

Basically, I was trapped inside this perfect body. NO FUN. Not being authentic, and not living in the world in a way that serves myself or others.

Today, this is how I TRULY feel, despite being softer and curvier:

Live in Japan

I’m truly happy, truly free in my relationship with food, I have fearless body confidence (I probably did not need to tell you that though!) and I am my OWN best friend! I love me and my body! 

I’m now able to live in one of my highest purposes on this earth- as a Holistic Nutritional Psychologist that empowers women, men and teens to have a loving relationship with their bodies and freedom with food (read: No more freakin’ dieting and all the yo-yo BS anxiety that comes with it, thank you very much)!

I’d love to show you a roadmap on how I got to the place of Body Love & No More Dieting!

Join me on my upcoming FREE webinar this Monday, Jan 4 to learn about:

3 Strategies to find Freedom with Food & Fearless Body Confidence! 

Sign up here! 

With loving presence,


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