IMG_8009I’m a bit behind as we were flying back from Hawaii on Christmas Eve – Day (then techy issues!)

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Day filled with lots of love, laughter, and all the people, things and food that bring you joy!  I had a wonderful African potluck dinner with one of my best friends and her extended family in law!

OoooOOoh my digestive system is feeling a bit sore post Christmas! Anyone else’s?

The thing is, this is bound to happen when you eat foods that your body isn’t use to eating much of – and in bigger quantities (this will be unique to each person – for me, it’s high carb, sugar and fats). And yes, of course I overate (with conscious decision) at last night’s African potluck.

Overeating from time to time IS NORMAL EATING BEHAVIOR. I use to beat myself up for overeating and do more excessive exercising the next day to “get rid of the calories” for fear of gaining fat.

Most of us have probably gained weight if we stepped on the scale, but you know what? ITS JUST WATER WEIGHT. So I encourage you to not worry about the number, and instead listen to what your body needs today.

My digestive system needs a break today, so I made myself a DETOX SMOOTHIE. This is what will nourish my body right now.

I wrote this article last winter, on the DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A DIET AND A CLEANSE (DETOX).

Today’s challenge is to understand the difference between a diet and cleanse, to help you adopt a different way of approaching food.


Much loving presence,


Learn more at:


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