DAY 2 of 10 Day Challenge: Thrive Through the Holidays in Your Relationship with Food


Affirmations are a powerful way to set and keep intentions at the forefront of our mind. Here is a sample set of affirmations you can follow or write your own so it is aligned with your heart. (Yes I said heart, because sometimes our mind wants one thing but the heart wants another). Today, let’s go with what our heart wants because this taps into our deeper desires.

I am committed to having a balanced and healthy holiday season.
I choose to eat to nourish my mind, body & spirit.
I feel best when I indulge mindfully and in moderation.
I choose to enjoy holidays.
Every moment is a new beginning for a new choice.

Say your set of affirmations first thing in the morning, breathing these words into your heart, and exhaling anything that doesn’t serve you.

Much loving presence,




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