10 Day Challenge: THRIVE through the Holidays!

holidayeatingAs a Holistic Nutritional Psychologist, I feel inspired to put together a 10-DAY CHALLENGE to get you to make mindful choices so that you can THRIVE through the holidays in mind, body and soul, rather than “just survive”, especially when it comes to your relationship with food.

 This is for you if:

*You tend to restrict yourself from food, then gorge or go overboard on the holidays.

*You can’t control yourself around all those baked goods people bring into work.

*You get thrown off with the lack of routine during the holidays.

*You get stressed out easily during the holidays and as a result, turn to food.

*You feel guilty, or have negative self-talk when it comes to food, body image and/or your weight.

*Tend to throw in the towel, gain weight over the holidays, and then punish yourself by starting a diet in the new year.

You will get the most out of it if:

*You set intentions to do your best with each challenge.

*You continue to work on each challenge while building in more throughout the 10 days (don’t worry, they won’t be another thing “to do”, remember, the whole point of this is to THRIVE, so the challenges are meant to make you feel less stress, and in more control!)

*Journal or record what you learn about yourself through each challenge.

*Do this with a loved one who could be a supportive friend, family member or partner.

*Share your results- both struggles AND triumphs – with your supportive friend AND on my Facebook page here to get further support and inspiration!

When it comes to your relationship with food, as a Holistic Nutritional Psychologist, it is never really just about food (or just about your body image). My whole goal is to have you thrive in mind, body and soul through the holidays, so we will be focusing on aspects of LIFE that will help you do so – not just nutritional tips. This challenge is not for you if you want me to tell you what to eat and what not to eat, because that’s what diets are for! If you’re ready to get out of the diet-mentality, this challenge is to help you shift  your mindset! 

I hope you’ll join me and please do share so others can join too!!

 Let’s THRIVE through the Holiday Season Together!!!


Pick ONE aspect of your life to keep as a daily ritual for the next 10 days. All of these ideas can be done with a friend/family member/partner.


  • 10 minutes of movement/ stretching (partner stretching is a great!)
  • 10 minutes of calm time (guided meditation, deep breathing, listening to music) Check out my free Apps for calming resources guide here!
    • A wonderfully soothing exercise to do with a partner: Sit down with your backs together touching. Then each person starts to slowly inhale and exhale, organically matching each other’s breaths to be in sync. Once in sync, keep breathing until you each feel settled and calm within yourself. Without words, see if you can help each other co-regulate.
  • 30 minutes of alone time –reading, writing, coloring, painting, dancing, being in nature
  • Stay hydrated by drinking 8 Glasses of water a day
  • 30-45 minutes of exercise
  • Take time on your beauty routine (e.g., applying makeup or washing your face ritual)
  • 10 minutes of mindful coloring

Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something that is do-able and is all about self-care (i.e., relieves stress, gets you connected in mind and body).

Once again, this should be something that feels easy and makes you feel rejuvenated because you are nurturing yourself.

Let me know how you do! I’d love to hear! 

Disclaimer: The information provided in this challenge is for educational and informational purposes only. It does not replace one on one consult with your psychologist, medical doctor or health care practitioner. 


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