Healthy Holiday Travel Tips

lobeachAs the holiday season is approaching, many of you may be planning to travel.  I am sharing some travel tips from a Holistic Nutritional Psychologist perspective!.

It’s important to me that whenever I go travelling, I like to keep my energy levels up and immune system healthy, so that I can make the best of my holiday! 

Here are some of my tips to keep healthy during your holiday travels!

Body Love Nutrient P = Positive Thoughts


Our mindset is such an important tool when it comes to not only holidays, but in life in general. However, depending on who we are vacationing with and where, our own inner critic can continue to be loud. An example is a beach vacation, feeling self-conscious about wearing a bikini (for females) or going shirtless (for males). Or if vacationing with your parents, this can be stressful too as it brings out family dynamics that bring you back to feeling like a teenager again (if you’re an adult).

However, having a positive mindset is important to your health because when you’re happy, you’re less stressed. Try to focus on the positives of your day and especially the anxiety/stress provoking situation. Reframe the deeper meaning of the activity and focus on that. For example, being on the beach is not about showing off your body (although our society seems to think otherwise), but rather, focus on how relaxing it is to listen to the waves of the ocean, having meaningful conversation with others, meeting other people from different places, and soaking in the warmth of the sun.

Body Love Nutrient M = Mindfulness

How many of you have this thought “It’s the holidays, so I’ll eat whatever I want!” or “Everyone else is doing it, and I guess I should too, even though that’s not what I really want to do”. When it comes to being proactive and making your relationship with food a healthy lifestyle that you can maintain (rather than live in a yo-yo diet pattern), then it’s important to invite along this concept of Mindfulness, which is defined as being aware of what is happening (in your mind, emotions and body) without judgment.

Being an observer to your own thoughts, feelings and physical body will help you tune in and listen to yourself, so that you’re making decisions from a more internal and intuitive place, rather than relying on external cues to tell you what and when you think you should be eating, and doing. For example, just because everyone else is eating, if you’re not truly hungry, you can choose to eat later. Or just because everyone else is drinking, if you do not feel up for it, you can choose not to. If everyone else is up for another adventure, but you just want to hang back and stay in because you want to rest, you can choose to do so. Remember, we do not have to be victims of our circumstances. When we are mindful, we can really be more present and feel into the power of our choices.

 Body Love Nutrient = Nourish + Nutrition

I want to be proactive and prevent hanger (hunger + anger) so I ensure I have certain go-to easy snacks to pack, such as raw almonds and protein bars. In addition, my morning ritual of eating my oatmeal and vegan protein powder “cookie dough” textured breakfast is grounding for me, so I always bring quick oats and protein powder in a large zip lock bag with me. And I can’t forget about my little jar of organic crunchy peanut butter. 



Anything else, like fresh produce, I can get at grocery stores when I get to my destination. I love food and ensure I eat a balance of protein, carbs, veggies and healthy fats throughout the day as much as I can. Of course I will also enjoy mindfully eating the ethnic foods of the holiday destination I am visiting as well! If I have a kitchen, I try to stock the fridge with healthy fresh local foods, and stick to eating out once to twice a day (such as lunch or dinner).

I limit alcoholic drinks to 1 to 2 glasses. I am mindful of eating in a way that aligns with my great mission, which is to have energy, have fun, sight see and be adventurous. If I’m having a food hangover because I ate too many foods that were undesirable for my body, I will suffer the consequences the next day: bloated, brain fog, tired and irritable. No thanks!

For those of you who know me, I tell people not to worry about how many calories they are consuming, so much as how they approach food, which is to eat mindfully and intuitively. Honor your appetite, taste buds and satiety levels and your body will thank you.

Body Love Nutrient O = Oxygen & Digestive Enzymes

Eat slowly and take deep breathes before, during and after your meals as this opens up your digestive system, and allows you to digest and assimilate vitamins and minerals of your food. I also take digestive enzymes daily, specifically Super Digestive Enzymes from Avena Originals. Besides the obvious function of them, taking them also helps me further absorb nutrients from the food I eat.

 Body Love Nutrient A= Activity

I love the kind of holidays that allow me to be active such as hiking, biking, and walking lots. I don’t necessarily workout in a gym (…anymore- there was a time that I was obsessed with keeping my 6 pack abs, but those who know me as a positive body image activist, know I’m SOOOOO over that 6 pack thing now!) My absolutely favorite activity to do is taking our boys on hikes with us, carrying them in our child friendly hiking backpacks. I also do love doing a lot of local shopping (which involves a lot of walking, so that counts, right?!) and if it’s a destination vacation, I love being at the beach.


Sometimes if I wake up earlier than hubby and my kids, I will do a short plyometric bodyweight workout (in the hotel room) or preferably, outside if environment and weather permits. I may bring my smart phone or iPad with me to follow along to a workout. One of my other favorite ways things to do is actually to go for a run if I get up early (which I usually do because my 1.5 year old son usually is my 7 am alarm clock!) and I will take one or both kids (depending who’s up) for a run with me in the double jogging stroller.

I don’t worry too much about making sure I get a workout in while on holidays since we are often active.

Body Love Nutrient R = Rest

Vacation can be a great way to catch up on sleep that your body may have been lacking. Rejuvenate your tired body with naps and sleep!



Not everywhere we go, are there washrooms accessible.  It’s important to be mindful of making sure our hands are clean so that we minimize as many germs as possible.

This is a great resource if you need a local Doctor while you’re away from home. I just learned about Amino, a resource that aims to empower people to make confident decisions about their health care, no matter where they live. You can find a doctor service, which connects you with doctors based on their experience. It allows you to find doctors in your area based on your location, insurance, and personal preferences. This is a resource so that you can get the right care wherever the holidays take them. Check Amino out here!


I hope you found these tips helpful to keep you healthy for your holiday travels!

Have an awesome, mindful and abundant holiday season!



Rosalyn Fung, M.Sc., Registered Psychologist and Founder of Holistic Body Love. I would love for you to stay connected with me!



Facebook Page: Rosalyn Fung Holistic Body Love – Psychologist

Twitter: @RosalynFung







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