Upcoming Seminar: How To Stop Self-Sabatoging Your Weight, Eating Habits & Body Image


This powerful 60-minute talk will show you:


  • The 4 different types of psychological stresses, and which one to really watch for…if you want to STOP SELF-SABOTAGING & BE HAPPY WITH YOUR BODY IMAGE!
  • The most surprising cause of weight gain and what to do to BOOST your ABILITY TO BURN FATHINT: It’s NOT about pills, exercise or food!
  • How to create a mindset to handle seemingly uncontrollable cravings, mindless munching, or emotional eating so that you can finally FEEL IN CONTROL OF FOOD (rather than it controlling you)
  • Learn the Eating Psychology of how to shift your mindset and behavioral patterns to optimize your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing!

Place: Evolve Strength4825 89 Street, Edmonton

Time: 7pm

Investment: $25 (May be reimbursable under Psychological Benefits)

To Register: Please call Evolve Strength at T (587) 754-3632

E info@evolvestrength.ca

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