My A-Ha Moment with Building Confidence

Untitled designIn my upcoming online body image program that I am currently developing, I talk about how to build confidence in our body image, which is how we perceive our ability to do something. I just had a personal “A-HA!” moment as I was paying attention to my inner dialogue, while trying to fix the peddle on my garbage can that fell off. I toyed with it half heartedly, and thought to myself, “Ah, it’s ok, I’ll just wait for my hubby to fix it”.

Then I caught myself and said, “NoOOoo no no no, I CAN DO THIS! I need to at least try harder because I CAN do this! I don’t need to wait around for someone else to”. (And just for the record, I DID FIX IT!)

And it was in that moment that, although I knew this already, it deepened my awareness that this internal dialogue comes from my mom (whom I dearly love and am close to) but I recognize that she would get anxious about trying to do things and just delegate it to my dad. I just didn’t realize to the degree how this internal dialogue still runs in my head in certain aspects of my life. (i.e., “Manual labor house jobs”). I’ve worked through a lot of it in other areas! We are all like onions, with layers to peel 🙂

But when I look back at my past, I have been able to do manual labor jobs no problem, and I feel quite proud of myself after words.

So…why the heck am I telling you all this? Because WHAT YOU SAY TO YOURSELF MATTERS at every moment of everyday! You have the opportunity to change your thoughts about anything and everything in how you want to approach a situation.

I was so proud of myself that I didn’t give up on the garbage can peddle (LOL, my pattern even shows up at the most “simplest” of things) that I shared it with my hubby just to highlight this A-HA moment, and I’m sharing it with you in hopes of inspiring those of you who are feeling stuck around something.

Observe your internal dialogue and change what you don’t like.


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