How Much Do You Suffer from Social Anxiety About Your Body?


Take this mini-quiz to see where you fall on the spectrum of feeling socially anxious about your body image, and see what you can start do about it! 

Disclaimer: Please note this quiz is not meant to clinically diagnose, treat symptoms or replace one-on-one consultation with your therapist or health care practitioner. Please consult myself, your local psychologist or health care practitioner for further support. 

Please answer the following questions, rating from 1-5, then tally up your total points. 

1= Not at all characteristic of me

2= Less than half the time characteristic of me

3= Sometimes characteristic of me

4= More than half the time characteristic of me

5= Extremely characteristic of me


1. I am not comfortable with the appearance of my physique or figure.

2. I would never worry about wearing clothes that might make me look too thin or overweight.

3.  I wish I wasn’t so up-tight about my physique or figure.

4. There are times when I am bothered by thoughts that other people are evaluating my weight or muscular development negatively.

5.   When I look in the mirror I don’t feel good about my physique or figure.

6.  Unattractive features of my physique or figure make me nervous in certain social settings.

7.  In the presence of others, I feel apprehensive about my physique or figure.

8.  I am not comfortable with how my fit body appears to others.

9.  It would make me uncomfortable to know others were evaluating my physique or figure.

10.  When it comes to displaying my physique or figure to others, I am a shy person.

Source: Pila, E. (2015) 


10-23 points:  Comfortable & Rockin’ That Body Vibe! You are very comfortable and confident with your body. Your activities and people you surround yourself with most likely do not have a body appearance focus, or if they do, you aren’t phased too much by them. You can focus on other aspects of life that provide deep meaning to you, as  you don’t allow negative thoughts about your body get in the way.

Keep being present, happy, purposeful and spreading’ that loving body vibe! The world needs more of it! 🙂


24-35 points: Sometimes Anxious & Self-Conscious. You are somewhat uncomfortable with your body image, and find that sometimes these negative thoughts about your body impact your mood, decisions and behaviours. For example, if you’re having a “bad body day”, you may find yourself restricting or becoming more rigid around food, withdraw or isolate yourself from others and pleasurable activities, and/or exercise to “fix” your body issue or feelings of guilt, shame, or embarrassment.

What you can do about it:  

Start to catch yourself and observe your thoughts and feelings about your body in the moment. When you notice you’re having negative thoughts/feelings, (e.g., “I look fat today/ “I’m not thin/muscular enough”/I don’t want to go to that party because I none of my clothes feel good”). Often times we aren’t conscious about these thoughts and feelings, and they lead us to undesired, self punishing behaviours (e.g, “I will limit my calories today/ I will work out harder/ I won’t go to the party).

When you catch yourself in these thoughts/ behaviours, PAUSE, tell yourself “STOP & be kind to myself.” Think about what you would say to a child if you caught them having these “mean” thoughts (most likely, “Let’s stop these mean thoughts and focus on something positive about yourself”). Do just that for yourself too 🙂

Consider checking out one of my 2 hour upcoming workshops on April 18 and April 23.

You may want to consider further learning how to work through these negative thoughts and feelings about your body by checking this out my resources for ladies here, and for gents, this is for you


36-50 points: Help! My Social Anxiety about my Body is Getting in the Way of Life! You may often find yourself upset, mad, disappointed, embarrassed, digested, and envious of others. You’re likely not engaged in pleasurable activities because your social anxiety gets in the way, it just feels easier to not have to deal with it, right? Yet on the other side of the coin, there’s a cost- feeling lonely, frustrated, sad. Or if you do brave it out, you may find your thoughts often are around what you think how others are perceiving you (your body) and/or your eating behaviours. You may find yourself often chronically or yo-yo dieting, or rigid in food behaviours. You may often be pinching your skin to check for “fat”. You may wear clothes that cover your flaws, but still don’t feel good. These heavy thoughts and feelings about your body get in the way from you enjoying your life. You may also be suffering from disordered eating or an eating disorder.

What you can do about it:  

Surround yourself with people and activities that DO NOT have a body appearance focus.

Delete any social media (e.g., Facebook pages you belong to) that have a “ideal” physique/body focus.

Start to appreciate and respect your body. Everyday, write down at least 2 things you are grateful for in terms of what your body can do for you.

Turn inward and make a list of all the personality characteristics you love about yourself. If you’re having trouble, ask your loved ones to help you.

Consider checking out one of my 2 hour upcoming workshops on April 18 and April 23.

Consider enrolling for my 8 week groups as further resources here for the ladies, and here for the gents or working one-on-one with me! I’d love to support you!

You can contact me below! Please fill in your full name, DOB, Phone Number and I will connect with you soon 🙂


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