Imagine finally being able to…

Eat only when you’re hungry

Eat food effortlessly

Feel light, energized and happy

Feel confident in your body

Feel confident and good in the clothes you wear

Truly enjoy the company of others

Live life to your fullest potential

Are you tired of…

Fighting your weight?

Chronic or Yo-Yo Dieting?

Feeling fatigued or low energy?

Destructive eating behaviours like binge eating and/or overeating?

Not sleeping well?

Feeling bloated or having digestive issues?

 Feeling low or anxious?

Hating what you see in the mirror?

If yes to any or all of the above, then the Weight Loss Breakthrough Program is for you!!!

Your Custom Designed Weight Loss Breakthrough Program offers a deeper exploration for those of you who are serious and ready to change your lives, optimize your health, and want to experience results right now!

These high-valued packages are specifically and highly customized to you, including:

Overcoming cravings, overeating, binge eating, emotional eating

Losing Weight

Respect and Love your Body

Feeling more Energized

Having mental alertness and clarity

Improved Digestion

Improved Mood

Improved other health concerns

In one power-packed program completely focused on you and your goals, Rosalyn will systematically create a simple plan for a BIG Weight Loss Breakthrough!

The work will take place in Rosalyn’s office, as well, it is optional to have Rosalyn come to your home environment.  Online video sessions are available too if you’re not located in Edmonton.


Here’s the 4 phases you’ll experience:

1) The Weight Loss Breakthrough Assessment: Identifying & Eliminating Triggers

Value: $400.00

  •  A complete assessment of what is working and what is currently slowing down or stumbling your results with weight loss and health concerns.

2) The Weight Loss Breakthrough Action & Strategy Planning: 

Value: $1000.00

A deeper insight & understanding of:

  • Your environmental triggers to unhealthy and unhelpful patterns.
  • Identifying and working through triggers of self-sabatoge.
  • Help with planning for success (which will vary from client to client) but can include, but not limited to:
    • Education about food, environment, lifestyle on physical, emotional and mental health
    • Food pantry & fridge make-over (You get to keep your favourite foods, if you wish, as Rosalyn believes there’s no such thing as “bad” foods!) 😉
    • Learning how to prep food to save time, money and energy; lose weight and/or address health issues.
    • Learning and practicing mindful eating together with Rosalyn.

3) The Weight Loss Breakthrough Practice & Support 

Value: $500.00

  • Actual setting-up of the environment for success and practicing new coping skills.
  • A customized plan to deal with potential set-backs.
  • Any other related concerns particular to you.

4)  The Weight Loss Breakthrough Maintenance 

Value: $360.00

  • Two separate 1 hr follow up sessions at Rosalyn’s office or your home.


TOTAL PACKAGE VALUE: $2,260.00  (*based on individual package)


Individual Weight Loss Breakthrough Empowerment Package

 Investment – $1400



This is a package specifically and highly catered for individual clients who are struggling to implement action in their personal environment, and need that extra encouragement and support in creating action and follow through.


Couples Weight Loss Breakthrough Empowerment Package

Investment –$1600


This is a package specifically and highly catered for couples, who are both struggling with food, weight and/or health, and wanting to support each other in their journey towards living their most healthiest selves while connecting with each other on various levels.


Family Weight Loss Breakthrough Empowerment Package 

Investment – $1700 to $2000 


This is a package specifically and highly catered for today’s modern family: whether that is a family of parents with toddlers and/or babies; parents with tweens/teens; family with residing parent in-laws, or whatever unique family situations are involved.  Please note that number of family members will be taken into account for pricing as it will require more time and energy for Rosalyn to properly  assess, plan, implement and follow-up.


Customize Your Own Weight Loss Breakthrough Empowerment Package with Rosalyn! 

Not seeing what you’re looking for in the above packages? No problem, contact Rosalyn with regards to your situation and together, you can create a package that will be serve you and your needs. A price will be determined based on what is customized.

*Payment plans can be arranged. Please talk to Rosalyn to discuss feasible options. 

Services may be covered under your private psychological health benefits and/or health spending account. 

Rosalyn sets herself apart from other psychologists by combining her specialization in Holistic Nutritional Psychology, Nutritional Therapy Knowledge, Masters in Marital and Family Therapy, and mindfulness based training,  to bring you this Weight Loss Breakthrough Program!


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