Tuna Basil Pesto Veggie & “Cucumber Pasta”



I got a new kitchen gadget today- a spiral vegetable slicer on sale for only $14 from Superstore (we’ll see how long it lasts considering it’s so inexpensive AND I have a toddler!)

Here it is…Tada!! Everest is having a blast making cucumber spirals and it was a great and fun way for him to be more inspired to eat veggies! 😉


Serves 2 plus one serving enough for one hungry toddler 🙂


For “pasta”

2 to 3 long cucumbers, washed

1/4 of red onion, diced

2 carrots

1-2 tbsp Kirkland Basil Pesto Sauce (or make your own for a healthier, less sodium version) This was just quick and easy for us! We love this pesto sauce Costco sells!

Optional: 1 can tuna or protein of choice (chicken, turkey)

Pepper to taste

Note: You can get more creative by adding various other veggies: bell peppers, mushrooms, etc.


1) Create spiral cucumber pasta with spiral vegetable slicer (this IS fun!) 

2) Grate carrots (or spiral too)

3) Add all ingredients together and toss in Basil Pesto Sauce!

4) Enjoy!



Cucumber: Flushes out toxins, manages stress due to B vitamin (B1, B5 and B7), decreases risk of cancer, improving memory, protecting nerve cells from age-related decline, fights inflammation, contains numerous antioxidants (e.g., vitamin C and beta-carotene), skin friendly minerals (magnesium, potassium, silicon), supports heart health, supports digestive health and helps maintain a healthy weight (low calories, high water and fibre content) and freshens breath.

Basil Pesto: Basil is full of phytochemicals that act like antioxidants, which reduces your risk of cancer, heart disease and other chronic health conditions. Garlic lowers cholesterol, prevents & treats colds, and controls weight. Olive oil is a healthy monosaturated fat which help lower blood cholesterol and stabilizes blood sugar levels.





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