Is Your Family Making You Fat!?


Can you relate with this photo in your own family and/or couple activities? Do you find yourself gaining the “newly wed” weight? Do you find yourselves zoning out in front of the TV eating once your kids are in bed? 

MINDLESS EATING can have a detrimental impact on your WEIGHT and overall HEALTH. 

Although spending time with family is absolutely important and crucial, I encourage you to find activities to do together that don’t involve mindless eating.

Rosalyn Fung has Masters in Marital and Family Therapy and combined with her specialization in Holistic Nutritional Psychology, she can help you and your partner/family make positive changes on your waistlines, your energy levels, your moods and overall health while improving/ strengthening your relationship(s)!

You and your partner/family will learn how to: 

1) Have a healthy relationship with food!
2) Be mindful eaters, even for toddlers!
3) Soothe without turning to food
4) Improve/ strengthen relationships without food

Book an appointment now to learn how to deepen your relationships without gaining weight!  Be proactive! 🙂 

Services include cyber counselling in Alberta!

Email: OR call 780.468.1366 x103 OR fill out the form below! 




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