Day 2 of 31 Days of Health Promoting & Stress Busting Gift Ideas for Yourself and Loved Ones

Today, I bring you…the #GRATITUDE JAR idea! I love this idea and am going to practice what I preach, so I will be starting it today. It’s pretty straight fwd, at least once each day, just pause and think about at least ONE thing you are grateful for. You can keep this practice up as long as you’d like- I’d encourage you to do it for at least the month of December and see how your approach to life unfolds when you hold gratitude more consciously.  😉

When we truly feel gratitude, it releases pleasure chemicals in our brain and body, which means, it decreases cortisol (stress hormone). Hello, instant game changer in emotional, spiritual, physiological health!



You can read more about the Gratitude Jar on Katie: Normal Girl. Thanks #katienormalgirl! 🙂

*Side note: If you have a local business with health promoting and/or stress busting products or services, feel free to PM me so that you can possibly be featured this month!

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