Greek Yogurt Coconut Cheesecake


Mmmmm! Doesn’t this look so delicious?!

This is one of my daily go-to snacks, and it was a pure accident in discovering this creation! I love greek yogurt, I love coconut flour, and so I decided to just combine them together to see what happens…little did i know that it would create a cheesecake consistency (my fave dessert)! And since then, a love affair started! It’s the perfect balance of protein, carbs and healthy fats!

Here’s what you’ll need: cheesecakeing

3/4 cup plain greek yogurt (I use 0% fat, but you can use whatever fat you’d like, but I suggest keeping the sugar content low by sticking with plain- you can always use your own sweeteners to make it sweeter).

1/4 cup raw coconut flour (I get from Buik Barn)

1 tbsp greens powder (I use Natural Webbers All Greens Super Berry Concentrate. It’s sweet enough that I don’t need to add sweetener).

Pinch of cinnamon and ginger (if desired).

1 tbsp nut butter of your choice (I’m peanut butter queen, so of course I go with organic crunchy pb).

Additional options:

1 banana or berries or both

Low sugar natural jam

Chia seeds

Cocoa nibs

Coconut flakes

Hemp hearts



Combine all ingredients into a mug/bowl, mix and enjoy 🙂  Yes, it is THAT easy!

Health Benefits of Ingredients:

Greek yogurt: Because I love texture in food (the thicker in consistency, the better to me!), greek yogurt is a great choice as it is less runny than regular yogurt. Besides that, greek yogurt is super high in protein content, keeping you satiated. Other benefits include: easy digestion and probiotics.

Coconut flour: For those of you who are gluten and wheat free, this is a perfect carb option. It is very high in fibre (5g of fibre per tablespoon), which helps with satiation, promoting a healthy digestive tract and keeping blood sugar level. Coconut flour is also higher in protein content than wheat products, and involves healthy fats: medium-chain triglycerides. In addition, coconut flour digests easily, provides instant energy and offers antiviral, antimicrobial and anti fungal properties.

Greens Powder: There are a variety of brands and kinds of greens powder. Greens are high in antioxidant, which reduces the risk of degenerative diseases and slows down the aging process.

Organic Nut Butter: Nut butters are one of those products I recommend to eat organic because they can be high in pesticides, and in the case of PB, toxins. Nut butters are high in healthy fats, and offers Vitamin E, which helps prevent free radical damage (free radicals in body can lead to degenerative diseases and aging the body).

Chia Seeds: Includes healthy omega-3 fatty acids, carbohydrates, protein, fiber, antioxidants, and calcium. It is also a very good food to detox with because of it’s gelatinous properties. It’s high in phosphorus, which is used by the body to synthesize protein for cell and tissue growth and repair.

Hemp hearts: The balance of essential fatty acids paired with the complete protein found in hemp hearts promotes cellular recovery and development. The high concentration of essential fatty acids also supports the transportation of oxygen to cells throughout the body. The presence of oxygen in cell membranes aids to block viruses, fungi and bacteria aid.


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