UPCOMING WORKSHOP! Transform and Deepen Your Relationship with Food and Your Body – An 8 week Body Image Group Therapy Program

freeYou’ll learn powerful tools and techniques from the field of Dynamic Eating Psychology, and Mind Body Nutrition, in combination with  bodymapping method, to end your inner struggle or deepen your (already healthy) relationship with food, body image and weight.

Who Is This Group Therapy For?

  • It’s for anyone curious about their relationship with food
  • It’s for anyone curious about their relationship with their own body
  • It’s for anyone look to deepen their relationship with their body, even if it’s already “healthy”
  • It’s for anyone who is interested in health and fitness
  • It’s for those who are sick and tired of dieting.
  • It’s for people who are at war with how their body looks.
  • It’s for anyone who has a challenging relationship with food.
  • It’s for emotional eaters.
  • Binge eaters.
  • Overeaters.
  • Chronic dieters and yo-yo dieters.
  • Anyone with unwanted food habits.
  • It’s for anyone who’s been trying to lose weight.
  • It’s for individuals who have health issues related to digestion, low energy, mood swings and immunity.
  • It’s for anyone struggling with having a healthy self-esteem and/or confidence.

What Can you Expect to Achieve from this Group Therapy?

You will learn various tools, insights, and practices that are designed to have a powerful impact on your relationship with food, and on your metabolic potential. This process will help you break free from your inner struggles and/or deepen your relationship with food, body image and weight. You will develop a new (or renewed) and nourishing relationship with food and your body. Above all, to have fun!

ABOUT THE GROUP PARTICIPANTS: This is an adults only, closed group (18 years old minimum required). Maximum number of 9 female participants and minimum of 6.

*Due to the nature of subject, female participants are more likely, however, if you are male and interested in this group, please contact me privately (rosalynfung@asafeplacetogrow.ca)and I will start a waiting list. Also, if you are a minor (13-17 years old) and interested in this group, please also contact me privately and I will start a waiting list for you. Groups will run depending on interest level.

GROUP EXPECTATIONS: Group Therapy is a very powerful way to heal struggles. Due to the sensitivity of the subject, developing group safety is crucial at the beginning of session. A consent and confidentiality agreement amongst group members will be signed. Participants are encouraged to share their process, however, only to what level they feel comfortable sharing to group.


October 5, 2014 start date. Will be held every Sunday mornings 10am-12:30pm for eight consecutive weeks (with exception of long weekend, no class October 12). Ends on November 30, 2014.

LOCATION: Walk-In-Counselling Society of Edmonton Building.

Suite 200 9562 82 Ave., Edmonton, Alberta,T6C 0Z8 (above Millcreek Cafe).

COST COMMITMENT: $65/session = $520.00 total package. Cheques or cash only please.  Deposit of $65 required. Payments can be made per session afterwards.  5% Discount for payments made in full at beginning of group ($494.00 total package with 5% discount).  Receipts will be provided for health insurance claim purposes.

Refund Policy:

There is a $65 non-refundable administration fee and no refunds of the full $520 (or $494) after September 21, 2014.

MATERIALS: Will be supplied and included in cost. Reading material will be requested outside of this cost (approx. $12-15). Details upon registration.

HOW TO REGISTER: Please contact me, Rosalyn Fung by email: rosalynfung@gmail.com


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