New Year’s Resolutions are Useless!


Okay, maybe creating new year’s resolutions are not completely useless, but the title caught your attention right? 😉
Here’s a really awesome and different take on  creating  “New Year’s Resolutions” by Coach Scott Abel that may help shift your perspective that absolutely resonated with me.

“Resolutions” may be useless but New Year’s is still a chance for beginnings, to change things you can change and to look ahead with greater vision and hope. So try this exercise. You and I have just found out that you will die in the next 5 days. I have been hired to write your obituary and give your eulogy. We have 5 days to work on this. You have to tell me first, what is going to be said about you and the life you live in the obituary that I write or the eulogy I give. Write it down in point form. OK – good. Now stop – now think – and more importantly feel, what is NOT going to be in your obituary or eulogy – what will be missing – that you wish would have been there? Use the rest of today to ponder that question – and go along for the ride wherever this takes you. You may astound yourself as you uncover some real authentic truths about yourself that you’ve buried – buried because of so much focus on your day to day “human doing.” But when we write about what was missing from your human “being” once you are gone – what will be missing that you wish were there? New Year’s Day is a good day to ponder “meaning” in your life, instead of getting on track of commitments to more “doing.”

-Coach Scott Abel


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