Pause and Remember…a Mindful Experience to try

When we pause to remember on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month today, I invite you to go a little deeper than just “remembering” or “thinking” about what Remembrance Day represents.

I invite you to also notice what happens inside your body as you honor June 28, 1919 – the official date signifying the end of World War One. Without changing or judging anything, as you notice your thoughts, also notice the tensions, sensations, your breathing pattern, emotions, movements, and impulses that are happening in the present moment inside your body.

I encourage you to really be present with your body in the here and now as you remember our history. See if there is anything that feels overwhelming in there, or really comforting, or whatever you are experiencing most loudly inside.

If it feels right, bring some beautiful deep breaths into those places that need a bit more relief/opening/softening. As you breathe, imagine bringing life force and comfort to these places. If you aren’t experiencing any discomfort, then take full breathes to deepen your experience inside. Notice what happens as you breathe into these places.

Then I invite you to bring yourself to notice your thoughts again and notice them and any changes.

Silently give yourself gratitude for deepening in your experience of remembering and honoring our soldiers.

May you have a peaceful and rejuvenated day. 🙂

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