Discover your belly breath

Pause whatever you are doing in this moment.

Without changing anything, just take notice of any tension and/or tight areas in your body (even if very slight).

Notice your breath without changing it – is it shallow? where does it start? where does it stop? are you even breathing or are you holding your breath?

Now with intention, take a deep breath into your belly nice and slooooowly, and then gently and slowly release it. Allow yourself to take up at least 5 seconds for this beautiful, deep breath.

Repeat 10 times.

Now go back to those areas of tension or tightness in your body, and see if anything has shifted.

Chances are they are a little less tense/tight 🙂

Feel free to continue breathing your deep belly breaths and imagining those breaths also expanding into those areas of tension/tightness to release them even more.

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