Welcome to my website!

I love venturing into the social media world as a way to reach out and connect with individuals in the community, city, country and world.

Professionally, I am a Self-Love Coach certified in Holistic Nutritional Psychology and I also have a private practice as a Psychologist.

I am absolutely passionate about what I do for a living! It’s amazingly rewarding to support clients in their pain and struggles, and work collaboratively towards healing, growing, shifting and maintaining new patterns and learnings in their lives.

I named this website “Pausivity” because it represents 2 important things to me: 1) a core part of me- which is being naturally positive and uplifting.
2) taking a pause from time to time in our busy lives so that we can appreciate the present moment, regardless of what’s happening.

My hopes and visions for creating this website are to:

First and foremost, inspire you, the reader, to be passionate about your life! I plan to do so by sharing quotes, images, articles, stories and sites that I myself find inspiring, meaningful and touching.  In turn, I hope that you will share my findings with your family and friends.

I decided to start this webpage because I was inspired to do so. In my personal life, many acquaintances and friends have approached me to tell me they appreciate my positivity (a very core part of me) through my own facebook posts, so much so that my page gets visited for the intention of being inspired (especially if having a bad day). I even had one acquaintance tell me that the messages helped her get out of an unhealthy relationship! WOW! This made me realize that I could be continuing to inspire others with my positivity and loving presence on a bigger scale than just my personal facebook page, which led me to create this site!

The second reason for creating this site is to pursue a dream of writing short articles that are of current psychological issues – mainly in my specializations regarding health, nutrition, weight loss, body image issues, relationship with food issues, self-esteem issues, relationship issues (e.g., couples, family, parent-child conflict). Again, I hope that these articles spark an interest in you, and in turn, have you share them with family and friends that may also find them interesting and/or resourceful.

Third, to connect with various people in the community, city, country and world to develop client-therapist relationship or other professional collaborations. Having deep relationships, whether they be therapeutic, friendships, professional, all create fulfillment and meaning in my life.

Fourth, as I am currently completing my certification in Nutritional Therapy (the study of epigenetics: understanding how food, environment, and lifestyle impacts our genes, cells and DNA), I have recently started a recipe section to inspire healthy eating, and educate what benefits whole foods have on the health of our bodies.

Please stay tuned as I will be continue to add to my site on a regular basis. I look forward to connecting and  your ideas and feedback are always welcomed!

Many of the photos (but not all) on my website will be from my own personal travels.

In the meantime, I invite you to check out my “About Me” section for more background on me! 🙂

You can also join my Facebook Page: Holistic Body Love Coaching & Psychology

I’d love for you to also join me in my private Holistic Body Love Facebook Community here!

And don’t forget to check out my website for freebies here!

I’d love to support you in anyway I can!



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